EnterMedic eCRF is a user-friendly and time-saving tool for clinical studies, collecting, validating and managing data – Efficiently. Full control of research data from analysis, compliance to reporting, in one tool.

Security of the utmost standard

  • Our entire development process is in Sweden as are our servers. We do not outsource or store data in other countries.
  • We adhere to the international information standard ISO 27001.
  • Completely GDPR compliant
  • Designed to be in accordance with the Swedish patient data law (2008:335),
  • Swedish patient security law (2010:659).
  • Swedish patient journal law (1985:562).
  • With accordance to research ethical principles and research has been ethically approved.
  • Research has been ethically approved.
  • Ensured integrity, encrypted data-transfer, and storage.
  • We provide full control over your data.
  • Registered as a medicinal technical product and approved by the Swedish Medical Products Agency (LV) and CE-marked.

Region Västmanland researches in
Child and adolescent psychiatry

In order to develop healthcare, research and development must go hand in hand with clinical work, which is why EPIQ was developed, a freely available psychiatric questionnaire compiled and evaluated by CAP (Child and adolescent psychiatry) Västmanland and the Centre for Clinical Research in Västerås,which is answered in EnterMedic, which aims to facilitate both research and clinical everyday life. Research is thus interwoven into ordinary clinical practice in order to make it better, faster, and safer.

EnterMedic functions as a digital link between patient, provider and medical record to facilitate both data collection and clinical documentation (sending data directly to the medical record). EnterMedic is currently used by the entire child and adolescent psychiatry service in Västmanland, with very good results.


Researchers at the Centre for Clinical Research are currently working on a series of scientific studies aimed at deepening our understanding of factors that influence self-harm, alcohol and drug abuse, criminal behavior, depression and ADHD, among others.

Scandinavian Head Injury guidelines for Pediatric Patients- SHIPP

The SHIPP study is short for Validation study of the Scandinavian head injury guidelines for pediatric patients, SHIPP, which aims to validate and develop guidelines for the management of head injuries in health care. The aim of the study is to reduce the number of unnecessary CT scans.

The SHIPP study is an observational study that includes about seven thousand children between 0 and 17 years of age who visit emergency clinics each year because of a head injury. The guidelines for initial management are being tested in a large Scandinavian clinical trial to increase patient safety. Some of the hospitals included in the study are Astrid Lindgren Children’s Hospital, Queen Silvia Hospital, Lund University Hospital, Malmö University Hospital, Örebro University Hospital and hospitals in Halmstad and Varberg. The countries to be included in the study in addition to Sweden are Finland, Norway and Denmark.

The study is also conducted in a version with adult patients who are managed separately.

Dance for Health researches the mental health of young people

Anna Duberg, Doctor of Medicine in Health Sciences, Research Supervisor at the University Hospital Research Centre and Innovation Coach at the Innovation Team, Region Örebro County is conducting research on the mental health of young people.

Dance for Health uses QR codes to allow their participants to register and complete a survey about their well-being each semester. The aim is to see the effects of regular dance and movement.

  • Participants scan a QR code on their mobile phones which takes them to a login page. They are given an ID number by their instructor which they fill in to register for the survey and then answer the survey questions. For follow-up surveys for future semesters, their ID number is reused to track the impact on an individual level and again they use a simple QR code to access the survey.
  • The results are then compiled for each dance group, area and on an overall level to see the effects of regular dance.

We tailor the tool to suit your research

We also offer to customize and take care of the whole process. Choose how to structure your study and we’ll deliver the whole package. We build forms according to your requirements, with relevant content such as protocols, variable lists and participants. The data is delivered ready to facilitate the analysis of your research.


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