Better, faster and safer assessments

in the Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

The Electronic Psychiatric Intake Questionnaire (EPIQ) powered by EnterMedic is a digital link between patient, provider and medical record.

What is EPIQpowered by Entermedic?EPIQ is a web-based questionnaire designed to screen for common psychiatric symptoms and psychosocial risk factors that are answered in EnterMedic.

The EPIQ is the result of both planned research studies and a need for uniform and structured assessment at new visits to child and adolescent psychiatric clinics (CAP). Time-saving self-correction: generates real-time report with color highlighting for quick overview of symptom level. Scheduled surveys enable systematic and standardized follow-up



Easy for the patient

Answer at the clinic or at home. E-mails are sent with a secure encrypted link to the patient.

Parents, guardians and relatives

Data can also be collected from parents, guardians and teachers for an overall picture of care.

Enabling more patient time

Investigating patients has taken a lot of time for healthcare providers and practitioners. EnterMedic allows healthcare professionals to send estimates directly to the patient with a few clicks and get answers in real time. The results can be displayed at a general or individual level.

Kent Nilsson
Professor at Uppsala University
and the Centre for Clinical Research,
Västmanland Hospital in Västerås

Qualitative validated diagnostics with increased patient safety and reduced administration linked to 1177

In order to develop healthcare, research and development must go hand in hand with clinical work, which is why EPIQ was developed, a freely available psychiatric questionnaire compiled and evaluated by CAP Västmanland and the Centre for Clinical Research in Västerås, which is answered in EnterMedic, which aims to facilitate both research and clinical everyday life. Research is thus integrated into ordinary clinical practice in order to make it %22better, faster, and safer.%22EnterMedic is currently used by the entire child and adolescent psychiatry service in Västmanland, with very good results.

-%22We want as many people as possible, both healthcare providers and patients, to benefit from our research and development work. Therefore, we hope for a wide dissemination of the EPIQ approach and its possibilities for effective triage and follow-up in a state-of-the art digital environment. We are happy to share our clinical and scientific experience with those considering the EPIQ methodology. We are constantly developing the EPIQ approach and will soon be using the method in adult psychiatry, geriatrics and primary care, as well as in collaboration with our municipal partners. Entergate has received permission to distribute the EPIQ questionnaire to interested organisations, as applied in the EnterMedic tool.


Researchers at the Centre for Clinical Research are currently working on a series of scientific studies aimed at deepening our understanding of factors that influence self-harm, alcohol and drug abuse, criminal behavior, depression and ADHD, among others.

Would you like to contact Centre for Clinical Research in Västerås to find out how they work with digital forms in psychiatry and other clinical specialties on the EnterMedics platform?

Contact:Research Nurse Lotta Nilsson Centre for Clinical Research, Västmanland Hospital 721 89 Västerås Phone: 072-1451600 E-mail:

Security of the utmost standard

  • Our entire development process is in Sweden as are our servers. We do not outsource or store data in other countries.
  • We adhere to the international information standard ISO 27001.
  • Completely GDPR compliant
  • Designed to be in accordance with the Swedish patient data law (2008:335),
  • Swedish patient security law (2010:659).
  • Swedish patient journal law (1985:562).
  • With accordance to research ethical principles and research has been ethically approved.
  • Research has been ethically approved.
  • Ensured integrity, encrypted data-transfer, and storage.
  • We provide full control over your data.
  • Registered as a medicinal technical product and approved by the Swedish Medical Products Agency (LV) and CE-marked.


Data in real-time

No downloads or installation required

Multiple languages

E-mail with encrypted and secure link


Answered at clinic


View warnings and risk factors

Automatic follow-up


Save patient time

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