Helps researchers collect, track and report clinical research data reliably – in real time

Sweden’s first medical application connected to patient records and 1177.

The digital link between researchers, healthcare providers and electronic medical records – EnterMedic has integrated ePRO

Sweden’s first medical application connected to patient records and 1177.

The application was created and developed with the help of Uppsala University and the Center for clinical research in Västerås. EnterMedic has been used daily in Region Västmanland’s workflow since 2016. Today, the University of Kristianstad, Region Värmland and Region Halland, among others, use EnterMedic for various research projects.

Better, faster and safer. EnterMedic is a fast, cost-effective, web-based documentation system that enables researchers and healthcare providers to ensure the success of data collection. The easiest way to collect and manage data for
clinical trials, observational studies and patient registries.

Our platform creates electronic case report forms (e-CRFs) where no technical knowledge is required and enables management of electronic data collection in multiple locations, saving time in the process. We customize and optimize your e-CRF according to your needs and requirements.



Security of the utmost standard

  • Our entire development process is in Sweden as are our servers. We do not outsource or store data in other countries.
  • We adhere to the international information standard ISO 27001.
  • Completely GDPR compliant
  • Designed to be in accordance with the Swedish patient data law (2008:335),
  • Swedish patient security law (2010:659).
  • Swedish patient journal law (1985:562).
  • With accordance to research ethical principles and research has been ethically approved.
  • Research has been ethically approved.
  • Ensured integrity, encrypted data-transfer, and storage.
  • We provide full control over your data.
  • Registered as a medicinal technical product and approved by the Swedish Medical Products Agency (LV) and CE-marked.

How does EnterMedic work?


Minimize paperwork

EnterMedic eliminates the need for paper and folders. Get a better overview of patients and the organisation.


Easy to answer for respondents

The respondent can answer forms via computer, mobile phone, or tablet.


Follow in real time

All data can be followed in real time. Easy access to data – access your data wherever and whenever you want.


Visitor planning

Easy administration for patient visits. Simplifies for both patient and health care provider.


Data report

Authorised staff can access, download and export total and individual reports at any time.

Security of the utmost standard

Completely GDPR compliant, approved by the Swedish Medical Products Agency (LV) and CE-marked.

One tool, infinite possibilities

EnterMedic increases patient safety and satisfaction and ensures higher quality of care. Integrate your patients in the healthcare process!

Health care provider

The patient and health care provider can safely access information and follow the health care process – whilst connected to patient records and 1177.


Complete control over research data – from data analysis to compliance and reports – in one safe tool.


EnterMedic is an electronic case report form (eCRF) to collect, validate and manage data.

Substance abuse units

Map patients before, during and after the treatment process.


Better, faster and safer assessments in child and adolescent psychiatry.

Clinical research

EnterMedic eCRF is a user friendly and time-saving tool for clinical research.

How Entermedic can help you?

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Digitalization is the future for continued development in healthcare. When resources are scarce and the need is great, we need to rethink and streamline


Kent Nilsson

Professor at Uppsala University and manger for the Center for Clinical research, Västmanlands hospital in Västerås

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