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The easiest way to collect and manage data for
for clinical trials, observational studies and patient registries.

In our platform you can easily create and manage electronic case report forms (eCRF) with no required previous technical training, on several locations which saves time and resources.



Data in real-time

Access your data in real-time. Easy access to data – access your data wherever and whenever you want.

No downloads or installation required

Starting up EnterMedic has never been easier, with no downloads or installation required and a user-friendly manual and support in English.

Multiple languages

EnterMedic supports several languages for administrators and respondents.


Works on mobile, tablet and computer. Multiple distribution methods – SMS, E-Mail, QR-code etc.


Automated editing controls in real-time

All changes are done in real-time, and changes such as new alternatives, adding fields do not required the respondent to answer a new form.


Significant data

Apply your own factors and grading system based on criteria and categories to allow a near unlimited amount of data collection during the research process.

Integrated automatization with automated mailings

With automatic e-mail mailings you can distribute forms on a schedule – completely adjusted to your process.


Multiple question types and an advanced survey section

Flexibility for your research. No need to supplement with another survey system. Everything is included.

Flexibility for every study

EnterMedic is an electronic case report form (eCRF) for capturing data in clinical trials. The application has been designed with flexibility in mind to meet the requirements of different clinical trials. The flexibility allows management, doctors and researchers to maintain full control over their clinical trial. EnterMedic eCRF powerful and easy gathering of data, monitoring capabilities to then produce reports about thematic data for exact and reliable data analysis. EnterMedic has a simple to user-friendly design that combines simplicity with advanced capabilities. Implementation time is fast and flexible pricing makes clinical trials convenient and cost-effective regardless of size.

Start-up time

The start-up time for the eCRF is executed in only a few days, which shortens the time for the overall study. The adaptability allows researchers and managers to test their own method before the live mode is offered. EnteMedic was specifically designed to be aesthetically appealing, functional and accessible with an intuitive and easy-to-use editing suite.

EnterMedic has integrated ePRO


  • Patients/respondents can safely answer surveys at the clinic, in the waiting room or at home.
  • Multiple languages available
  • Responsive – works on mobile, tablet computer
  • Open form, QR code, personal passwords and SMS messages.
  • Electronic signature available
  • Directly connected to patient journals and 1177
  • Visitor planning
  • Built in follow-up questions and forms
  • Automatic e-mails with the possibility of automatic follow-up

By researchers for researchers

The application has been developed by researchers and doctors to streamline the data collection process. EnterMedic is a powerful system for management of clinical trials (CTMS). The system allows the user complete control of EDC (Electronic Data Capture) -collecting, processin, monitoring and reporting. The system provides a digital design process which allows the creator to tailor the program structure in the individual report with their own categories and guidelines.

Kent Nilsson

Professor, Uppsala University and Centre for Clinical Research, Västmanland Hospital in Västerås & Region Västmanland.

Better, faster and safer assessments in child and adolescent psychiatry. %22To develop healthcare, research and development must go hand in hand with clinical work.%22

Fredrik Wickbom

Doctor in anaesthesia and intensive care. Surgery and Intensive Care Clinic, Halland Hospital, Halmstad, Lund University. Region Halland.

The guidelines for initial management are being tested in a large Scandinavian clinical trial to increase patient safety. EnterMedic’s quality register is used in the process.

Anna Duberg

Research supervisor at the University Hospital research Centreand is an innovation coach at the Innovation Team, Region Örebro County.

Dance for Health conducts research on mental health among young people. The aim is to see the effects of regular dance and movement.

%22CT scans are costly, but it is also costly to admit children for observation unnecessarily. If we can reduce the burden on staff and use the treatment slots efficiently, we can make better use of our resources.%22

Fredrik Wickbom

Doctor in anaesthesia and intensive care. Surgery and Intensive Care Clinic, Halland Hospital, Halmstad, Lund University.

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